Larry Kagan & Robert Brian Bassett II



326 Gallery presents "Shadows", featuring the sculptures of Larry Kagan and the photography of Robert Brian Bassett II.


Larry Kagan has had his sculptures exhibited extensively in galleries and museums throughout the world. At first glance his steel abstractions may seem cold and formless, but when illuminated from the proper angle, a clear image is formed on the wall. The disconnect between the physical form of his sculptures and the shadow drawings they create is awe-inspiring. Sometimes you need to see things in the right light to truly understand and appreciate them, and that is certainly the case with Kagan's art.

Larry Kagan started working with steel almost 30 years ago. His earlier pieces were steel drawings, but found the shadows they created interfered with their display. He began using steel to shape the shadows themselves, in a process he has described as sculpting beams of light.


Robert Brian Bassett II is displaying his more recent work inspired by the high contrast lighting and shadows of classic chiaroscuro painting. These photographs represent an ongoing project using the streets of New York City and its endless cast of strangers to create storied vignettes focused on the personal themes of isolation, family, and the hope and hopelessness lying in-between.

Having received a BFA in film production from NYU, Bassett chose to use his knowledge of film, cameras and his passion for creating images to pursue the more solitary artistic endeavor of photography. He has been quietly photographing NYC for nearly twenty years now, but has chosen to keep his work to himself with an interest in avoiding unnecessary criticism and allowing his style to develop naturally across multiple fields of photography.