Cassie Raihl, Ivy Haldeman, Nikita Shoshensky

March 4-April 18, Opening reception March 4 6-8pm


You Win

Two crocodiles at the zoo were sleeping on top of each other, their bodies pressed against the glass. The male had one eye open. He should; the other crocodile ate her last mate.

It’s rude to play with your food––unless it wants to play with you.

I live alone with my cat, and she doesn’t follow this rule. Nevertheless, I admire her. I like to imagine what her favorite sensations are.  I know her tastes are elegant: a tinkling ball, a dangling rope, the smallest grains of sand running between her toes. 

 I am like my cat and like the crocodile. I feel the prehistoric beat of my heart, the impulse of my reptilian brain. I have no designs for this world. Power is okay, but I prefer play. I am very playful.

YOU WIN is a three-person exhibition featuring work by Ivy Haldeman, Cassie Raihl and Nikita Shoshensky. Ivy Haldeman's work takes place in the quiet world of a solo figure rendered in larger than life paintings that engage notions of leisure, self-care, and ambiguous sensuality.  Cassie Raihl, makes sculptures from sand, wood, glass, plants and other common substances. Her work confronts viewers’ expectations for familiar and domestic objects through a mingling of associations and materials. Nikita Shoshensky's drawings and sculptures bring the viewer into a jagged realm of mischievous crocodiles. Hermaphroditic, these figures smoke cigarettes, bind themselves with snakes, and flaunt their bodies in pursuit of jocular pleasures.